Strona: Offer for industry and business / The Faculty of Management

Offer for industry and business

Individual departments of the Faculty offer services for industry, business representatives and other interested units in the following areas:

  • implementation of the following systems: motivation, management of projects, costs, quality, environment, ISO and EMAS systems, operational and strategic controlling,
  • implementation of performance budgeting and management control systems,
  • comprehensive services in the area of preparation and the implementation of local and regional development strategies,
  • carrying out analysis of the labor market, the foreign exchange market, transport, urban logistics,
  • development of strategies and marketing plans, designing and implementation of marketing research,
  • conducting training (sales techniques, self-presentation, merchandising, public relations, territorial and trade fairs marketing, logistics, internal audit, corporate financial sources including EU funds, et al.), and in the area of information technology the following certificates: European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL and ECDL Corel ADVANCED), as well as certificates of Microsoft Office Specialist: MOS Word, MOS Excel, MOS Access, MOS Project,
  • the use of advanced quantitative methods in regional studies with the application of Statistica,
  • carrying out statistical analysis,
  • analysis and critical assessment of the legal status of the areas of: protection of public safety and public order, system of administrative forms and measures and ensuring their safety and efficacy,
  • assessment  and development of strategies for the development of enterprises and local government units,
  • expert examinations and opinions on innovation and the development of companies potential,
  • development and implementation of methods for the capital market analysis,
  • strategic documents update and conducting of research to assess the innovativeness of the region and an identification of relevant development directions,
  • implementation of modern costs management systems,
  • building enterprise value on the basis of modern systems of cost accounts, managerial accounting and financial management,
  • customizing solutions in the chart of accounts for the needs of businesses,
  • modeling, design and implementation of systems: databases and data warehousing, company management, Business Intelligence for economic issues,
  • an audit of information systems in small and medium-sized enterprises and quality audit  of management information systems,
  • consulting and audit of information systems solutions supporting the management of the local economy and local government administrative units,
  • non-invasive measurements of objects parameters using laser technology,
  • preparation and implementation of public relations programs,
  • execution of ethical codes and preparation and implementation of integrated ethical programs for businesses and non-governmental organizations,
  • logistic systems design,
  • design and implementation of programs within corporate social responsibility (CSR),
  • conducting the following assessments of: quality, sustainability, project proposals (including current assessments of projects implementation), social interactions (social impact assessment),
  • carrying out economic analyses and designing of information infrastructure solutions for enterprises,
  • implementation of customized participatory procedures involving stakeholders such as: citizen jury, public forum, planning unit, future workshops, consensus-conference, lay panel, negotiations and mediations,
  • consulting services related to quality management, logistics, internal audit, health and safety at work.

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