Strona: Cooperation and research / The Faculty of Management

Cooperation and research

The research work of the Faculty includes:

  • Systems of supporting innovation and technology transfer in enterprises in the condition of European integration.
  • Global economic processes as a stimulus for changes of financial market and its institution in the aspects of Polish participation in EU structures.
  • Macroeconomic analysis of the processes of economic, social and regional development.
  • Conditionings of local and regional development with regard to contemporary priorities: competitiveness, coherence and steady development.
  • Transformation of private and public law in the face of European integration.
  • Supporting of economic processes with the application of modern information tools of net technology.
  • Econometrical modeling of phenomenon in the process of resources management characteristic for Podkarpacie province.
  • The assessment of dynamics of some chosen economic processes.
  • The analysis of consumer’s attitudes (with particular regard to the youth market) which apply mainly to marketing effect of means, methods and instruments employed by companies and organizations.
  • Financial market functioning in the process of integration with the European Union.
  • Integrated traffic management system.

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