Strona: Student Council of the Faculty of Management / The Faculty of Management

Student Council of the Faculty of Management

Student Council began its formal existence with the implementation of  the Law on Higher Education of 1990 during the period political transformation. Currently, thanks to the amendments to this law the number of students representatives in the Senate of the Rzeszow University of Technology, Councils of Faculties, etc. has risen to 20%. The Faculty Council represents the students’ interests at the Senate, while the Faculty Board of the Student Council, a legal body of the Students’ council represents the faculty’s students’ interests externally, before other authorities and beyond.

Members of the Student Council of the Faculty of Management take active part in the work of the whole Student Council organizing regular events, such as Rzeszow Student week (Juvenalia),  beauty contests, student initiation ceremonies, Days of the Faculty of Management and charity events including many other important initiatives. Together with the representatives of other faculty councils, the members represent the university  at the conventions of Technical Universities Forum. Moreover,  they also co-operate with the Student Councils from other universities in the Parliament of the Republic of Poland and various students organizations.

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