Strona: Scientific and research activity / The Faculty of Management

Scientific and research activity

The research work of the Faculty includes:

  • Systems of supporting innovation and technology transfer in enterprises in the condition of European integration.
  • Global economic processes as a stimulus for changes of financial market and its institution in the aspects of Polish participation in EU structures.
  • Macroeconomic analysis of the processes of economic, social and regional development.
  • Conditionings of local and regional development with regard to contemporary priorities: competitiveness, coherence and steady development.
  • Transformation of private and public law in the face of European integration.
  • Supporting of economic processes with the application of modern information tools of net technology.
  • Econometrical modeling of phenomenon in the process of resources management characteristic for Podkarpacie province.
  • The assessment of dynamics of some chosen economic processes.
  • The analysis of consumer’s attitudes (with particular regard to the youth market) which apply mainly to marketing effect of means, methods and instruments employed by companies and organizations.
  • Financial market functioning in the process of integration with the European Union.
  • Integrated traffic management system.

The Faculty of Management has also a number of modern computer laboratories that have access to the latest Microsoft software under the Dream Spark Premium (e.g. Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Visio 2010, Project 2010). In addition, at the Faculty of Management there are two specialized laboratories in the field of commodity science and logistics, which serve primarily the students of logistics. The laboratories also provide services within the PLATON (open access to the portal eduroam, PLATON campus services, archiving) within Matlab software and computer graphics.

As a part of the "Development of Eastern Poland Operational Program, Operation 1.3. Supporting Innovation" at the Faculty of Management there is an ongoing project, "Development of research infrastructure of the Rzeszow University of Technology - stage II”, as a result of which at the Faculty four research laboratories were founded:

  • Laboratory of Visual Technologies and Augmented Reality,
  • Laboratory of New Technologies in Logistics,
  • Laboratory of Standardization and Vocational Certification in Economy,
  • Laboratory of Quality and Safety.

Laboratory of Visual Technologies and Augmented Reality

This consists of four independent research stations enabling scientific research in the areas of:

  • graphics and computer animation,
  • computer simulation with the use of three-dimensional graphics,
  • creating interactive applications with the use of a virtual environment,
  • creating augmented reality applications,
  • visualization of the results of studies using stereoscopic technology,
  • visualization and comparison of test results from multiple sources in real time.

Laboratory of New Technologies in Logistics

As part of the laboratory it is possible to conduct research and training of future staff in the areas of:

  • statistical analysis of the flow of goods,
  • mathematical models of the flow of goods,
  • forecasts and determining the needs for individual logistics services (warehousing, freight forwarding, transport),
  • simulation of economic processes associated with the transport of goods, warehousing and freight forwarding,
  • analysis of logistics costs,
  • systems of areas automatic identification (bar codes, RFID radio waves, magnetic paths, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), image and voice recognition),
  • integrated IT systems supporting supply chain management (MRP, MRP II, ERP)
  • virtual warehouse,
  • development and analysis of network connections, flow models, queuing networks,
  • the use and analysis of the profitability of the use of modern technologies, storage and transport,
  • protocols and communication networks to support warehouse management.

Laboratory of Standardization and Vocational Certification in Economy enables the conducting of research in the areas of:

  • comprehensive career information,
  • the qualifications and competence of employees of enterprises and public institutions,
  • development of professional competence standards,
  • certification of qualifications / competence,
  • quality management in professional counseling,
  • empirical future of graduates
  • skills assessment for students of secondary-education
  • transnational career counseling.

Laboratory of Quality and Safety has been divided into three main stations.

The station of advanced technologies of audio-visual information processing and biometric analysis and research on security of IT infrastructure enables the conducting of research in the areas of:

  • research and creation of information processing algorithms,
  • the creation of multimodal authentication systems to identify the user's identity,
  • development of new, and improvement of the existing, biometric algorithms operating on the basis of image analysis,
  • resistance to hackers of servers, routers, firewalls, switches, operating systems, databases, network devices with IP addresses,
  • simulation of attacks on the corporate network with the use of tools, methodologies and hackers’ techniques
  • analysis of the level of security of computer networks, databases,
  • exploration, identification and verification of unauthorized wireless access points, equipment and software, modems, USB storage devices, Trojans, and spyware,
  • the application of advanced information technologies to ensure security of IT systems.

The station for measurements of physicochemical properties of industrial materials allows the conducting of research in the areas of:

  • evaluation of the physicochemical properties of organic and synthetic polymers with the use of instrumentation based on non-invasive technology for the measurement of color, thickness, hardness, shrinkage, tensile strength of polymeric materials.

The station of the instrumental assessment of the safety of food products allows the conducting of research in the areas of:

  • evaluation of the chemical composition and the physicochemical properties of food products.

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