Postgraduate studies

As a reply to the increasing interest in postgraduate studies from both university graduates and employers at the Faculty of Management on 1 December 2008 it was established the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. The purpose of the Centre is to centralize and coordinate postgraduate training and continuous training studies offered by the Faculty.

The studies are addressed to the university graduates willing to broaden their knowledge with the latest scientific achievements and practical skills. They are also designed for managers of profit and non-profit organizations, for employers of Marketing, Sales and PR departments, for representatives of non-governmental organizations and territorial self-governments at different levels. The studies provide professionals with information on how to plan the marketing strategy, what makes advertising efficient, how to cooperate with media, how to create a positive company image at different stages of its functioning. The Centre is also responsible for issuing postgraduate certificates and diplomas.

The Centre offers the following courses:

  • Business Public Speaking – “School of Speakers” (new)
  • Career Counseling in Educational Institutions
  • Manager as a Trainer and Coach (new)
  • Manager of Tourism and Hotel Business (new)
  • Modern Techniques of Communication with the Customer
  • Postgraduate Managerial Studies (new)
  • Vocational Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Job Broking
  • Public Relations
  • Public Auction (new)
  • Management of Occupational Health and Safety
  • Managing and Acquisition of European Funds
  • Management of Educational Institutions
  • Management and Logistics in Crisis Situations
  • Human Resources Management (new)

The Center also offers a qualification course supervised by Pedagogical Department.

For further information about postgraduate studies and continuous training, please contact us at

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