Management (in English)

After completing the course, the graduate will have the knowledge and skills necessary to run their own business. Students will be able to carry out their tasks in the field of various management functions in companies and institutions.

Skills and knowledge of the graduate in:

  • running one’s business
  • shaping the strategies of companies and institutions
  • finance management
  • designing the marketing strategy of companies
  • personnel management
  • marketing research
  • the use of sales techniques
  • applying the latest information technologies in management practice
  • effective self-presentation
  • trade negotiations
  • an analysis and evaluation of the results of a business activity

Professions and institutions the graduate is prepared to work for:

  • enterprises with various business profiles (production, commercial, service)
  • consulting companies
  • business environment institutions
  • institutions involved in market research and conducting marketing activities
  • public administration bodies

Within the course there are offered the following majors:

  • business management
  • project management
  • business management in globalization
  • finance management
  • modern marketing

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