The graduate gains knowledge in the fields of economics, law, socio-psychology and becomes familiar with the latest marketing methods and management techniques aided with economic calculation with the skill in using the latest information technology equipment and foreign languages. All this makes the graduate a full-fledged, management and organization specialist prepared to manage economic activity of market enterprises, work in public administration and other institutions. The benefits of this course are to develop knowledge and understanding combined with business and management skills suitable for professional practice at middle management. This covers general management and its key functional areas and the development of the applied professional skills, practices and techniques in the management environment. The graduate will learn to analyse, plan and undertake effective decision-making, inter-personal communication, including teamwork, and the use of financial and other management information tools.

Within the course there are offered the following majors*:

  • First-cycle studies:  
    • Management of corporate activity
    • Project management
    • Management of enterprise in globalisation
    • Finance management
    • Modern marketing
  • Second-cycle studies:  
    • Accounting in management of enterprise finances
    • Management of public organizations
    • Company management
    • Professional manager
    • Communication in business
    • Human resources management

* Number and type of major in a given academic year will depend on the number of interested persons

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