Internal Security

After graduating from the course of Internal Security students will have comprehensive skills related to recognizing and combating the internal threat and countering it. In the course of study they will get the ability to analyze and apply rules and safety procedures and safety management at the local, regional, and national level.

Skills and knowledge that students can get: fundamentals of social science, organization and management, regulations related to internal security, managing groups of people, collection, processing and transmission of information, functioning of state bodies, public administration, protection of personal data and classified information as well as combating crime and terrorism.

Professions and institutions the graduate can work for: organizational units of state services (e.g. the Police, Polish Armed Forces, Customs Service, Internal Security Agency, Intelligence Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation, Border Guard, Government Protection Bureau), government and local government units, companies and institutions from the sector of the protection of persons and property, internal security service companies and institutions, detective agencies.

Within the course there are offered the following majors:*

  • Management in crisis situations
  • Communication and transport
  • Economic security

* Number and type of major in a given academic year will depend on the number of interested persons

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