Finance and Accounting

After graduation from Finance and Accounting students will gain knowledge and skills indispensable to work efficiently in enterprises and institutions of financial market. They are prepared to work for financial institutions, audit companies, revenue offices, tax and accounting offices as well as in the financial and account departments of enterprises and budgetary units. During the studies general knowledge in the field of economics as well as specialist skills in the accounting of enterprises and finance management will be communicated.

Skills and knowledge of the graduate:

  • enterprise accounting
  • finance management
  • financial and managerial accounting
  • cost accounting
  • regulations and standards of financial reporting
  • methods of financial analysis and financial markets functioning
  • controlling and financial audit

Within the course there are offered the following majors*:

  • First-cycle studies: 
    • Banking and financial markets
    • Accounting and taxes
  • Second-cycle studies: 
    • Accounting and controlling
    • Finances of enterprises and institutions

*Number and type of major in a given academic year will depend on the number of interested persons

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