Business Council of the Faculty of Management

The Business Council, created in 2012  on the initiative of the dean’s office, which associates business leaders operating mainly in Podkarpackie Province, deserves special attention. The main goal of the Council is the formation of a platform to advise on creating high quality scholar achievements, modernization of didactic processes, activation of business contacts and initiating promotional and marketing activity. It is the task of the Business Council to improve exchange of experience between theoreticians and practitioners of management. It will aim to support students’ initiatives, as well as organize a proper on-the-job training. Thanks to the Business Council the academic community and representatives of the enterprises sector will be able to use their resources and potentials more efficiently. Cooperation between the Faculty of Management and the Business Council will contribute to the development of economic sciences, both in theoretical and practical approaches.

The Business Council of the Faculty of Management: 

  1. Marta Półtorak, President of  Marma Polish Foil Ltd.  – Chairperson of the Board,
  2. Roman Krzystyniak, Director of PEKAO Bank I Branch in Rzeszow – Deputy Chairman,
  3. Zbigniew Bednarczyk –Bróg Pipes Workshop (Przemyśl),
  4. Robert Bielówka, Director of  International Trade Fairs,  Rzeszow,
  5. Andrzej Czarnecki – Director for Communication, Pratt&Whitney Poland
  6. Fryderyk Czekaj, General of Division, President of Honorary Podhale Rifles Association, 21st Podhale Rifles Brigade,
  7. Władysław Filar, DSc, PhD, Eng., Dean of the Faculty of Management  during 1996–1999 and 1999–2002,
  8. Dariusz Frydrych, Member of the Board, operating manager of Nowy Styl Group,
  9. Andrzej Galak, President of the Board of CELL-FAST Ltd.,
  10. Mieczysław Janowski PhD, Eng. – President of Rzeszow in the years 1991-1999, Senator of the Republic of Poland in 1997-2004, MP in 2004-2009,
  11. Józef Król, President of  National Council of Statutory Auditors,
  12. Adam Kruk – TV and film producer  – Polish Television Ltd.,
  13. Zygmunt Krupa – President of the Board of PPUH BORIMEX,
  14. Marek Kyc, Polimarky Ltd.,
  15. Roman Leśniak – President of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of Zakłady Porcelany Elektrotechnicznej ZAPEL S.A.,  
  16. Roman Maciejewski, Director of Business Banking Area of the West WBK Bank plc,
  17. Jacek Magdoń, PhD – Chairman of the Committee of Public Safety and Employment - Regional Podkarpacki Council,
  18. Zbigniew Nosal, President of Dębica Business Club Association,
  19. Jerzy Perec – President of the Board of ECORES Ltd.,
  20. Joanna Podgórska – Deputy Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation of Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development,
  21. Małgorzata Polkowska, DSc, PhD, representative of the Board of International Civil Aviation Organization,
  22. Waldemar Purc, Board Member of TEREZ Performance Polymers Ltd.,
  23. Prof. Kazimierz Rajchel, DSc, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Management during 2002–2005 and 2005–2008,
  24. Beata Rapa –Director of theRegional Branch ofNBPin Rzeszow,
  25. Andrzej Rybka, Director of the Association of Entrepreneurs Group of Aviation Industry Valley,
  26. Mariusz Stopa,  Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the 34 Military Economic Department in Rzeszow,
  27. Leokadia Wanatowicz, Director of the Regional Branch of National Bank of Poland in Rzeszow,
  28. Aleksander Waśko, Director of  PKO Polish Bank I Branch in Rzeszow,
  29. Krzysztof Witkowski – President of the Board of Universe-IBS Ltd.
  30. Norbert Życzyński, PhD – President of the Board of COMMIT Polska Ltd.

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